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Corona Crisis Increases the Risk of Online Gambling Addiction

0 Comments January 4, 2022
Increases the Risk of Online Gambling Addiction

As the coronavirus pandemic halted all major sports competitions, betting companies are now hunting for customers on the internet. Online gambling is on the rise, experts warn of the dangers of addiction.

Sports betting has existed for a long time in many forms, all oriented towards the outcome of sports competitions. But what if all major sporting events are canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Most betting companies immediately reacted and rushed into the virtual world, sharpening competition with online betting companies that have been operating for a long time. There are various forms of betting offered: virtual sports matches, bingo games, poker, to virtual casinos.

The situation is dangerous for those with potential gambling addictions , say experts and activists working on tackling addiction. “It’s been a terrible storm,” said James Grimes, a recovering gambling addict who now campaigns against advertising on sports betting through his organization The Big Step.

“For people who don’t usually gamble, they may see gambling as merely entertainment to fill a void. But there are also many people who are financially affected. Gambling advertisements create the wrong impression that gambling is a great way to make quick money. ,” James Grimes told DW.

Gambling online

Increase rapidly

Many governments and health authorities are now observing the rapid increase in online gambling and betting. The Belgian government recently tightened the rules for online betting by announcing a deposit limit of €500 a week. But that rule can only be applied to local betting site managers. The Spanish government imposed a limit on gambling advertisements that were only allowed to run on a four-hour window, between 1 and 5 in the morning. Latvia has banned online gambling until the social restrictions are lifted.

However, it is not easy to limit online gambling. Sources working in the field say the shift to virtual and skill-based casino games such as poker and backgammon has accelerated almost worldwide.

A recent study by the UK Gambling Commission found that 1.2 per cent of people who gamble have serious problems. For online gambling, that figure is even higher, at 2.5 percent.

Online betting companies are also getting more creative. Bet365, one of the world’s largest betting sites, for example shows a virtual football match between the fictional Chelsea Pensioners and the Manchester Blues. People can bet on the result of the match, number of goals, first team to score, etc.

Gambling can cause mental problems

The fictional football match was generated by a computer and lasted only three minutes. So bettors now don’t have to wait 90 minutes for the football match to end as usual. After the match ends three minutes, the next match starts immediately, and people can bet again. Experts warn that addiction is also influenced by how often a person gambles. With the business model of a three-minute fictitious football match, the threat of addiction is even higher.

In early April, nearly 5 million people watched Britain’s ITV Virtual Grand National broadcast. Profits from the virtual match reached US$3.3 million and were donated to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

Betting companies and gaming companies often highlight their role and contribution to sporting and social activities. They also donate funds to addiction prevention programs. But in times of lockdown in many places, James Grimes fears there will be a new wave of addiction.

Although there are no statistics that directly calculate the impact of gambling addiction, experts say, in addition to bankruptcy, gambling addiction also often results in mental problems to suicide.

If you are interested on gambling online and want to play it, better to check this article first : Thing You Should Know When Choosing Gambling Site

Trick To Know Bot Poker In Gambling Site

0 Comments March 25, 2021

Trick To Know Bot Poker In Gambling Site

Are you aware that currently many online poker players are cheating? Among the forms of cheating is using bots. Well, this time the author will discuss how the most powerful trick to beat bots in the game. As is well known, the online poker game system is very different from the offline game pattern. So that there is no observation of movement, face, and emotions.

Because of this, players can only feel every step they take. In other words, rely on card rounds and betting luck. Therefore they are competing to find the best poker playing site or platform that has major credibility. Because that way the game flow is maintained 100% fair play.

Nonetheless, the existence of poker bots in the game remains worrying. Apart from being difficult to detect, not all players are able to master online playing patterns perfectly. Given that these poker players are generally a transition from offline to online bettor. So that they can only briefly play their favorite online betting game, they can’t get to know more about online-based things.

Meanwhile, poker bots will continue to haunt their game all the time. Where this play bot is indeed needed to disguise itself as a real player in a game. The presence of bots is a frightening specter for many poker agents, given the massive violation of fair play rules. How it works is also difficult to see, because it uses special software to trick the game.

Then How Can We Recognize the Existence of a Poker Bot?

Then How Can We Recognize the Existence of a Poker Bot

First of all, commercially available bot plays are generally created using the mode feature to trick website software. But now many poker sites have implemented an extra protection system to prevent bots.

On the other hand, bot play in poker can make huge profits from its crimes. It should be noted, however, that a play bot can generate thousands of dollars from the cheating wins it creates. This loss is of course very painful for the original players. With bots in a room, they cannot play naturally because bots are hard to beat.

However, currently the idn poker online game developers like in Indonesia have created an antidote to bot activity. They set up a special security team to scan the activity on the site. From this monitoring, the site will immediately kick any suspicious action in the game. Therefore, as an official online poker player, you need to take certain steps to get around the existence of a poker bot. Do everything you can to avoid the harm caused against them.

Did you know that a real player can kick a video bot game out of the game with the perfect strategy. And with good skill, the game will turn in the favor of the player. One way is to play in pot limit and no limit poker. In this way you can get more significant benefits because bot players have limitations playing on this system. Besides that, you can also play at a table with 5-6 players. This table can give you an advantage against bots. But most importantly, play only on trusted site agents because they will not stand idly by if their site is visited by bots.

The advantages of playing online slot gambling

0 Comments February 17, 2021

The advantages of playing online slot gambling

Online gambling games are one of the activities that are considered to be the most popular and popular among today. Of course, this is because soccer gambling is able to provide benefits, both from a financial perspective and in terms of inner satisfaction when winning the match.

And for those of you who want to play soccer gambling online, it’s a good idea to choose a trustworthy soccer gambling place on userbolavip. Some soccer gambling agents do offer attractive advantages, but don’t make the wrong choice because not all of them can be trusted in order to avoid unwanted things such as winning money that is not disbursed and also unsuitable offers like certain sites.

Rich Tips From Online Gambling

Want to be rich but are still often lazy? Surely that can only be a hope that will never come true. Being a person wallowing in wealth, at least there are many things we can do. The first time, we have to work super hard everyday. Or maybe with the 2nd step, namely by joining and playing online slot gambling with us. Then which one do you choose?

Of course some of you will choose smart work. And in this place there is one step that you can take easily. Work smart together with the most trusted and safe casino slot gambling site. Here you can play several types of online gambling online. And with the online game scheme there are at least two advantages that you can experience.

Security and Comfort Guaranteed

When we play slot gambling in the village or at the closest club, therefore the important opponents are the law and the security apparatus. This is because in essence, gambling is a game that is illegal by law.
But if you play slot gambling online, because of that the law cannot touch. Why is that? Because all these game transactions are carried out via the internet and there is no ITE law that can withstand it. In practice, you don’t violate the rules or make people lose because everything is done voluntarily.

Not only is it guaranteed to be safe, playing online soccer gambling is very comfortable because it is not limited by anything. In fact, you can play whenever and wherever you want. It is enough only with a smartphone and the internet, you can play this soccer gambling game.

In addition, there are various service features that you can enjoy as a form of support from several websites for each member. One of them is an online customer service that is ready to serve all your questions 24 hours a day.

So those of you who are still laymen don’t need to worry because here you can start learning to improve your skills around soccer gambling. So, those are some of the reviews about the most trusted soccer gambling in Indonesia. Hopefully this will be useful for all of you readers and don’t be wrong to choose a place where you will place an online bet.

Abundant Bonuses and Attractive Promos

If you register as a member of online slot gambling, then you will get lots of interesting bonuses and promos. For new members, you can get a cashback bonus for every deposit transaction.
Even if you invite a friend to register for online 24 hour slot gambling, you also have the potential to get unlimited profits. Because the more you invite friends, the bigger the bonus you get.

Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Online Poker Gambling

0 Comments December 19, 2020

Mistakes to Avoid When Playing Online Poker Gambling

Being in a world that has such rapid technological developments, we must continue to be able to keep up with it. With the existing conveniences, of course we cannot escape the role of technology. For example, in gambling games that have developed so rapidly. Where in the past people played gambling at casinos, now because technology is developing very rapidly and humans also continue to think, aka innovate, online gambling appears on the internet.

Now we can enjoy playing online gambling. There are many types of online gambling on the internet. So that it makes it easier for gambling players to determine which gambling game to play. But the gambling game that is currently considered the newest and most popular is from online poker gambling. This poker gambling is already at the poker gambling agent. Which agent of this gambling also provides prizes in the form of cellphone credit. And of course, it is very interesting to try online gambling lovers.

This pulse online poker gambling can be enjoyed at trusted gambling agents that have this system. But now you need to be aware of online poker gambling offers that are played using credit. Actually, this offer also exists, but not many people know if there are several parties who use this opportunity to set a trap. Therefore, you must be more selective and also careful when choosing a gambling agent.

Mistakes That Are Often Made When Playing Online Poker Gambling

Poker Mistake

There are many mistakes that gambling players often make. Because of this mistake, gambling players are usually very difficult to win bets. This time we will discuss the mistakes you don’t need to make to be able to get credit prizes in online poker gambling that you don’t know about.

Too easy to get emotional

This is indeed a characteristic of everyone, so preventing it is not very effective either. So there must be awareness of yourself first to be able to stop this emotion. Maybe the emotions are the result of the playing process not going according to the original plan. The closest thing is that we feel disappointed with the end result obtained.
We become defeated with little loss which makes us emotional easily. It’s better to play with constant emotional control, if you don’t want to lose a lot, you also don’t need to bet a lot of capital. If you don’t want to get emotional, then do the last point.

Give up too often

This time is also almost the same as number 1. If you really have a goal in playing online gambling, you shouldn’t just give up before trying everything to win. If you give up, the struggle that has been done so far will be futile and will not produce anything. Eliminate that word when playing online gambling, never be afraid to make decisions, if you believe then do it.

That way, you will feel very happy because through this online poker gambling with a firm stance. Finally, with this stance, no one can stop your belief.

Does not have a winning target

Playing online gambling, what you must emphasize before playing is to make a winning target. If you have a target, of course we will keep trying our best to get the victory. Targets are very important in gambling games, especially online poker gambling using credit. So before playing, you have to plan the victory you want to achieve.

So that you will struggle very hard when playing gambling, because you will remember the words of enthusiasm that are so hard. So you will not easily forget the target to play.

Those are some of the mistakes that we all often make when playing online poker gambling site, I hope your day will be more enjoyable with the tips and some information that we have provided. Thank you for taking the time to read our article. Hopefully there are no more mistakes. Do well. You will always get luck.

How to Analyze the Most Trusted Official Online Football Gambling Site in Indonesia

0 Comments December 8, 2020

How to Analyze the Most Trusted Official Online Football Gambling Site in Indonesia

Football matches are the most exciting and profitable online gambling objects. How to play soccer betting is quite easy at the best soccer agent, each participant just needs to invest in then predict the number of scores that will be generated or predict the winning team. Playing soccer gambling games or online C-sports will not be easy without the help of a trusted website, so look for official online soccer gambling sites to protect them from fraud when betting is taking place. Since it is played online, players need a place like the web or an application to place capital to try to get results from bets.

The website is a place to place bets online, each player does not need to be afraid of being cheated when placing landlines, now there is the best facilitator who is the place to place bets. Just fill in the registration column then do the registration, make sure all the fields are filled with accurate data so that the process is fast. After registration is complete, players can use the web or application to select the ball market. Each website provides at least 8 markets for C-sport, including the Asian handicap, mix parlay, odd-even, over-under, first half, correct score, and many more.

Make soccer gambling a source of income that is easy to play with the Terms and Conditions for Becoming the Best and Most Trusted Online Togel Member, do every procedure so that this game can generate very much profit. Choose a genuine facilitator that is not fake so that the betting process does not suffer losses. Make sure the site of your choice guarantees all your needs so that betting becomes smoother.

Official Online Football Gambling Site Functions And Easy Ways To Find Them

Official Online Football Gambling Site Functions And Easy Ways To Find Them

In addition to facilitating betting, the web is a place for transactions before playing the game, each player is required to place an amount of money on the site starting from USD. 10 to USD50 after installing then all markets can be chosen randomly. Each participant must consider predictions before playing, so check the information on the soccer betting market so that the guess is even more sure. Later the exchange will show you the right league and team to play the game online.

Ideally, a website for playing games must have complete services, starting from betting and transaction services. The games provided must also come from large providers such as Sbobet or judi online maxbet. In the world of sbobet, it is widely known for successfully obtaining a license from PAGCOR, the company has developed casino betting, sports, agile, cockfight, and many more. In addition to a license from PAGCOR, players will get services such as safe betting, large profit values, and entertainment to play sports.

The official soccer online gambling site must be a quality place to place bets anytime and anywhere. Players can claim profits smoothly and without deductions, not only that, each participant gets the opportunity to play anywhere and anytime using the application. Even though many offer the best service, try to join the official website at least you are guaranteed security. The increasing number of websites that can be selected to support the game is a little confusing for players, but by applying web quality standards when choosing you can avoid fake sites. Choose a site that collaborates with the sbobet platform so that gaming is free from system and service disturbances.

Take advantage and enrich your experience by joining trusted facilitators who have collaborations with official companies such as sbobet, maxbet, and many more. Choose an official online soccer gambling site to choose the right bet.

Perkembangan Judi Online Selama Masa Pandemic

0 Comments November 13, 2020

Perkembangan Judi Online Selama Masa Pandemic

Pandemi novel coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19) berdampak besar pada sebagian besar masyarakat di seluruh dunia termasuk pembatalan dan penundaan acara olahraga. Ini berdampak besar pada industri taruhan olahraga. Studi ini adalah yang pertama menyelidiki perilaku sampel petaruh olahraga online sebelum dan sesudah tindakan COVID-19 diberlakukan oleh pemerintah Eropa. Penulis diberi akses ke data pemain oleh operator perjudian online besar Eropa yang terdiri dari pemain dari Swedia, Jerman, Finlandia, dan Norwegia. Perubahan perilaku petaruh olahraga sebelum 7 Maret dan setelah 7 Maret (2020) telah dihitung. Semua petaruh olahraga yang memasang setidaknya satu taruhan dalam setidaknya 5 minggu kalender dari 10 kemungkinan minggu kalender antara 1 Januari dan 7 Maret (n = 5396) dimasukkan dalam analisis. Hasil menunjukkan penurunan yang signifikan secara statistik di antara petaruh olahraga yang bertaruh di kasino online. Ini menunjukkan bahwa tidak ada konversi uang yang dihabiskan dari taruhan olahraga ke permainan kasino online, setidaknya untuk operator perjudian online tertentu ini. Temuan menunjukkan bahwa ada penurunan signifikan dalam jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan oleh petaruh olahraga selama pandemi COVID-19 (dibandingkan dengan sebelumnya) dan bahwa petaruh olahraga tidak beralih untuk memainkan lebih banyak permainan kasino online dan ada juga yang signifikan. pengurangan bermain game kasino online di antara petaruh olahraga.

Organisasi Kesehatan Dunia (2020) menyatakan wabah novel coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19) sebagai pandemi pada 11 Maret (2020) (Cucinotta dan Vanelli 2020). Pandemi COVID-19 telah berdampak besar pada sebagian besar masyarakat di seluruh dunia karena cara pemerintah menerapkan kebijakan untuk menghambat penyebaran virus (misalnya, karantina, jarak spasial, penguncian nasional, pelarangan acara di mana sejumlah besar individu berkumpul, dll. .) (Pakpour dan Griffiths 2020). Salah satu konsekuensi dari tindakan pengamanan ini adalah penundaan atau pembatalan hampir semua acara olahraga profesional secara global sejak awal hingga pertengahan Maret 2020 dan seterusnya (misalnya, pembatalan liga sepak bola (sepak bola) di negara-negara seperti Belgia dan Prancis, penundaan liga sepak bola di negara-negara seperti Inggris dan Jerman, penundaan Olimpiade Tokyo 2020 di Jepang, pembatalan acara tenis besar seperti Wimbledon di Inggris).

Pembatalan dan penundaan acara olahraga di Eropa (dan di tempat lain) berdampak besar pada industri taruhan olahraga. Regulator dan pakar bisnis telah berspekulasi tentang bagaimana para pemain bereaksi terhadap fakta bahwa mereka tidak lagi dapat bertaruh pada permainan olahraga. Beberapa regulator, pembuat kebijakan, dan organisasi perawatan telah berspekulasi di media massa bahwa individu akan lebih banyak berjudi online karena terkunci dan menghabiskan begitu banyak kehidupan sehari-hari mereka di rumah dan di dalam ruangan (Davis 2020). Kelompok individu yang sama juga bertanya-tanya apakah petaruh olahraga (yang tidak dapat bertaruh pada acara olahraga) dapat beralih ke perjudian pada jenis aktivitas lain (misalnya, permainan kasino online) sebagai alternatif. Memanfaatkan data pelacakan perilaku, penelitian ini adalah yang pertama menyelidiki perilaku sampel petaruh olahraga online sebelum dan sesudah tindakan COVID-19 diberlakukan oleh pemerintah Eropa.

Data pelacakan perilaku semakin banyak digunakan untuk tujuan penelitian di bidang studi perjudian (Griffiths 2020). Penggunaan data berbasis akun dibandingkan dengan metodologi lain (seperti survei dan eksperimen laporan mandiri) memiliki banyak keuntungan termasuk data obyektif (dibandingkan dengan data laporan mandiri yang tunduk pada banyak bias metode umum seperti keinginan sosial dan ingatan ingatan ) dan fakta bahwa ukuran sampel biasanya jauh lebih besar dalam ribuan atau puluhan ribu (misalnya, Auer dan Griffiths 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2020; Braverman dkk. 2013; Braverman dan Shaffer 2012; Broda dkk. 2008; Dragicevic dkk. 2015; LaBrie dkk.2008, LaPlante dkk. 2009; Leino dkk. 2015, 2017; Nelson dkk. 2008; Sagoe dkk. 2018; Xuan dan Shaffer 2009).



Penulis diberi akses ke data pemain oleh operator perjudian online Eropa yang besar. Para pemainnya berasal dari Swedia, Jerman, Finlandia, dan Norwegia, dan penulis melakukan analisis sekunder. Perubahan perilaku petaruh olahraga sebelum 7 Maret dan setelah 7 Maret (2020) telah dihitung. Untuk memilih petaruh olahraga reguler, penulis memilih semua petaruh olahraga yang memasang setidaknya satu taruhan dalam setidaknya 5 minggu kalender dari 10 kemungkinan minggu kalender antara 1 Januari (2020) dan 7 Maret (2020). Ini menghasilkan sampel 5396 petaruh olahraga. Jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan pada acara olahraga dan permainan kasino online sebelum dan sesudah 7 Maret (2020) telah dihitung.

Portofolio produk terdiri dari taruhan olahraga dan permainan kasino online. Data pelacakan perilaku tersedia untuk periode 4 bulan dari 1 Januari (2020) hingga 30 April (2020). Dataset memungkinkan penulis untuk mengidentifikasi pemain yang bertaruh pada olahraga atau bermain game kasino online. Penulis menghitung jumlah pemain taruhan olahraga aktif serta total taruhan harian di semua pemain taruhan olahraga untuk setiap hari antara 1 Januari dan 30 April (2020). Para penulis menganalisis data antara 1 Januari dan 7 Maret sebelum pandemi COVID-19 dan data antara 7 Maret dan 20 April selama pandemi COVID-19. Penulis menggunakan tes McNemar untuk membandingkan perubahan dalam partisipasi perjudian sebelum dan sesudah COVID-19. Hasil tes McNemar dalam statistik uji chi-square dan diterapkan untuk perbandingan ukuran berulang dengan data kategori (Caronni dan Sciumè 2017).



Gambar 1 menampilkan rangkaian waktu dari jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan harian dan jumlah harian pemain aktif. Rangkaian waktu menunjukkan bahwa jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan tertinggi dan jumlah pemain harian tertinggi dari 1 Januari hingga 10 Maret (2020) selalu pada hari Sabtu (yaitu, lonjakan tertinggi pada Gambar 1). Lonjakan terakhir yang berada di kisaran yang sebelumnya terjadi pada 7 Maret, dan setelah itu, ada penurunan cepat dalam jumlah pemain aktif serta jumlah total uang yang dipertaruhkan. Tindakan isolasi sosial akibat pandemi COVID-19 dimulai di berbagai negara Eropa sekitar waktu ini.

Karena itu, perubahan perilaku petaruh olahraga sebelum 7 Maret dan setelah 7 Maret (2020) dihitung. Untuk memilih petaruh olahraga reguler, penulis memilih semua pemain yang memasang setidaknya satu taruhan dalam setidaknya 5 minggu kalender dari 10 kemungkinan minggu kalender antara 1 Januari (2020) dan 7 Maret (2020). Ini menghasilkan sampel 5396 petaruh olahraga. Jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan pada acara olahraga dan permainan kasino online sebelum dan sesudah 7 Maret (2020) telah dihitung.

Tabel 1 menunjukkan berbagai olahraga dan statistik spesifik taruhan kasino online untuk petaruh olahraga yang bertaruh pada olahraga dalam 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, atau 10 minggu berbeda antara 1 Januari dan 7 Maret. Baris kedua Tabel 1 melaporkan persentase pemain yang juga pemain kasino online aktif antara 1 Januari dan 7 Maret. Misalnya, tiga perempat dari petaruh olahraga yang bertaruh pada olahraga dalam 5 dari 10 minggu kalender antara 1 Januari dan 7 Maret juga memainkan permainan kasino online dalam periode waktu yang sama (76%). Baris ketiga melaporkan persentase petaruh olahraga yang juga bermain permainan kasino online antara 7 Maret dan 30 April. Misalnya, sekitar dua pertiga petaruh olahraga yang bertaruh pada olahraga dalam 5 dari 10 minggu kalender antara 1 Januari dan 7 Maret. juga memainkan permainan kasino online antara 7 Maret dan 30 April (60%).

Perubahan antara dua persentase (petaruh olahraga yang bermain permainan kasino online sebelum dan sesudah 7 Maret) menunjukkan penurunan yang signifikan secara statistik dalam taruhan di antara petaruh olahraga dalam permainan kasino online untuk keenam grup. Nilai chi-square dan p -values ​​dari tes McNemar masing-masing untuk enam kelompok adalah sebagai berikut: taruhan olahraga selama 5 minggu kalender terpisah, χ2 = 83,59, p <0,001; 6 minggu, χ2 = 56,99, p <0,001, 7 minggu, χ2 = 45,66, p <0,001; 8 minggu, χ2 = 18,04, p <0,001; 9 minggu, χ2 = 13,32, p <0,001; dan 10 minggu, χ2 = 5.05, p = 0.025. Tabel 1 juga melaporkan rasio antara jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan per petaruh olahraga dalam permainan kasino online setelah 7 Maret dibandingkan dengan sebelum 7 Maret. Rata-rata taruhan per pemain dalam permainan kasino online adalah 54% setelah 7 Maret dibandingkan dengan sebelum 7 Maret untuk olahraga. petaruh yang bertaruh dalam 5 dari 10 minggu kalender sebelum 7 Maret. Petaruh olahraga yang bertaruh di setiap minggu kalender sebelum 7 Maret menghasilkan 97% dari taruhan dalam permainan kasino online setelah 7 Maret dibandingkan dengan sebelum 7 Maret.

Tabel 2 melaporkan metrik yang sama seperti Tabel 1. Namun, di sini petaruh olahraga telah diklasifikasikan menjadi sepuluh kelompok berukuran sama sesuai dengan jumlah yang dipertaruhkan pada olahraga antara 1 Januari dan 7 Maret. Kelompok 1 terdiri dari petaruh olahraga dengan jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan terendah selama periode waktu itu, dan grup 10 terdiri dari petaruh olahraga dengan jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan tertinggi dalam periode waktu itu. Mirip dengan Tabel 1, persentase petaruh olahraga yang memainkan permainan kasino online menunjukkan penurunan yang signifikan secara statistik dalam taruhan di antara petaruh olahraga di semua sepuluh grup setelah 7 Maret, dibandingkan dengan periode waktu sebelum 7 Maret. Sepuluh nilai chi-square dan p nilai dari tes McNemar masing-masing adalah sebagai berikut: kelompok 1, χ2 = 12,34, p <0,001; kelompok 2, χ2 = 16,44, p <0,001; kelompok 3 χ2 = 22,48, p <0,001; kelompok 4 χ2 = 12,99 p = 0,0003; kelompok 5 χ2 = 23,47, p <0,0001; kelompok 6 χ2 = 28,84, p <0,0001; kelompok 7 χ2 = 22,36, p <0,0001; kelompok 8 χ2 = 42,17, p <0,0001; kelompok 9 χ2 = 13,51, p = 0,0002; dan kelompok 10 χ2 = 11,82, p = 0,0005. Tabel 2 juga melaporkan rasio antara jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan per petaruh olahraga dalam permainan kasino online setelah 7 Maret dibandingkan dengan sebelum 7 Maret untuk masing-masing dari sepuluh kelompok intensitas petaruh olahraga. Jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan per petaruh olahraga dalam permainan kasino online di grup 1 adalah 60% setelah 7 Maret dibandingkan dengan sebelum 7 Maret.


Studi ini menyelidiki perilaku perjudian kasino online dari petaruh olahraga operator perjudian online Eropa sebelum dan selama pandemi COVID-19. Hasil dengan jelas menunjukkan bahwa jumlah aktif harian petaruh olahraga dan jumlah yang dipertaruhkan pada olahraga menurun secara signifikan sekitar 10 Maret (lihat Gbr. 1). Setelah tanggal ini, aktivitas taruhan olahraga adalah proporsi yang jauh lebih kecil dari sebelumnya. Tabel 1 dan 2 menunjukkan bahwa sebagian besar sampel petaruh olahraga juga memainkan permainan kasino online sebelum COVID-19 antara 1 Januari dan 7 Maret. Artinya, sebagian besar petaruh olahraga (> 70%) juga merupakan pemain kasino online selama periode ini. .

Penulis pertama-tama mengklasifikasikan petaruh olahraga menurut jumlah minggu berbeda dengan setidaknya satu taruhan. Pemain harus bertaruh setidaknya dalam 5 dari 10 kemungkinan minggu kalender sebelum 7 Maret (2020) untuk ditetapkan sebagai petaruh olahraga reguler. Di semua grup, persentase petaruh olahraga yang memainkan permainan kasino online secara signifikan lebih rendah setelah 7 Maret dibandingkan dengan sebelum 7 Maret. Ini berarti bahwa tidak hanya pemain yang bertaruh lebih sedikit pada olahraga (sebagian besar acara telah dibatalkan pada 7 Maret), tetapi mereka juga lebih sedikit bertaruh pada permainan kasino online. Ini menunjukkan bahwa tidak ada konversi uang yang dikeluarkan dari taruhan olahraga ke kasino online, setidaknya untuk operator perjudian online tertentu ini.

Perbedaan terendah antara persentase pemain kasino online sebelum dan setelah 7 Maret terjadi pada warna merah di antara dua kelompok petaruh olahraga yang bertaruh selama 9 dari 10 minggu kalender dan 10 minggu kalender. Persentase petaruh olahraga yang memainkan permainan kasino online sebelum 7 Maret adalah 78% dan setelah 7 Maret adalah 71% untuk mereka yang bertaruh dalam 9 minggu kalender. Persentase petaruh olahraga yang memainkan permainan kasino online sebelum 7 Maret adalah 79% dan setelah 7 Maret adalah 76% untuk mereka yang bertaruh dalam 10 minggu kalender. Kedua perbedaan itu signifikan secara statistik, tetapi memiliki signifikansi yang lebih rendah daripada petaruh olahraga yang bertaruh hanya dalam 5 minggu kalender. Persentase masing-masing untuk mereka yang hanya bertaruh dalam 5 dari 10 minggu kalender adalah 76% sebelum 7 Maret dan 60% setelah 7 Maret.

Meskipun perjudian kasino online tidak menjadi lebih sering, tampaknya petaruh olahraga yang lebih sering juga mempertahankan perjudian kasino online mereka, sedangkan petaruh olahraga yang lebih jarang cenderung berhenti berjudi sama sekali. Kesimpulan ini tidak berlaku untuk intensitas perjudian taruhan olahraga. Tabel 2 menunjukkan sepuluh kelompok penjudi olahraga menurut jumlah taruhan antara 1 Januari dan 7 Maret. Perubahan persentase perjudian kasino online serupa di semua kelompok intensitas. Petaruh olahraga yang lebih intens tampaknya tidak memainkan permainan kasino online lebih atau lebih jarang ketika taruhan olahraga tidak tersedia selama pandemi COVID-19. Anda dapat mencoba memilih situs judi terbesar agenmaxbet.

Rasio jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan pada permainan kasino online per pemain sebelum dan sesudah 7 Maret juga dihitung. Tabel 1 dengan jelas menunjukkan bahwa petaruh olahraga yang bertaruh selama lebih banyak minggu tidak menurunkan jumlah rata-rata yang dipertaruhkan sebanyak petaruh olahraga yang bertaruh selama lebih sedikit minggu. Taruhan rata-rata petaruh olahraga yang paling sering (bertaruh dalam 10 minggu kalender) rata-rata taruhan kasino setelah 7 Maret adalah 97% dari rata-rata taruhan kasino sebelum 7 Maret. Di sisi lain, persentase yang sama adalah 57% untuk petaruh olahraga yang hanya memasang taruhan selama 5 minggu kalender. Ini berarti bahwa jumlah rata-rata uang yang dipertaruhkan oleh petaruh olahraga di permainan kasino online tetap sama. Ini tidak diamati sehubungan dengan intensitas moneter dalam taruhan olahraga. 10% petaruh olahraga dengan jumlah taruhan tertinggi antara 1 Januari dan 7 Maret tidak menambah atau mengurangi jumlah yang dipertaruhkan lebih dari kelompok intensitas lainnya. Tidak ada hubungan yang jelas antara jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan pada taruhan olahraga dan perubahan dalam jumlah rata-rata yang dipertaruhkan dalam permainan kasino online.

Studi ini mencakup beberapa keterbatasan yang harus dipertimbangkan saat menafsirkan temuan. Pertama, hasil penelitian ini berasal dari data dari basis pemain tunggal operator perjudian online Eropa yang terdiri dari empat negara Eropa (Swedia, Norwegia, Finlandia, dan Jerman). Basis pemain operator perjudian online ini berasal dari negara tertentu, dan pemain dari negara lain mungkin telah bertaruh secara berbeda selama penguncian COVID-19 dan kurangnya acara olahraga untuk dipertaruhkan. Kedua, tidak diketahui totalitas perilaku perjudian di kalangan peserta karena dataset hanya mencakup perilaku perjudian peserta di operator perjudian online khusus ini. Ketiga, ada kemungkinan bahwa beberapa akun mungkin telah digunakan oleh lebih dari satu penjudi (misalnya, suami dan istri atau ayah dan anak laki-laki) meskipun jumlah kejadiannya cenderung rendah. Keempat, kumpulan data studi diperoleh dari periode waktu dari Januari hingga April 2020 (inklusif). Karena penguncian sebagai akibat dari pandemi COVID-19 masih aktif di banyak negara pada 30 April (dan sebagian besar acara olahraga masih ditunda atau dibatalkan), petaruh olahraga mungkin sudah mulai memainkan permainan kasino lebih intens setelah 30 April.

Temuan dari penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa tidak ada hubungan antara kurangnya acara taruhan olahraga untuk dipertaruhkan oleh para penjudi dan peningkatan frekuensi dan intensitas perjudian kasino online. Secara keseluruhan, frekuensi bertaruh pada permainan kasino online oleh petaruh olahraga online sebelum penguncian terkait COVID-19 menurun secara signifikan selama periode pandemi COVID-19. Namun, petaruh olahraga online yang lebih jarang (tetapi reguler) secara signifikan menurunkan jumlah uang yang dipertaruhkan pada permainan kasino online lebih dari petaruh olahraga online (biasa) yang lebih sering. Petaruh olahraga online yang sering bertaruh pada permainan kasino online tetap kurang lebih sama sebelum dan selama pandemi COVID-19.

Temuan ini menunjukkan bahwa spekulasi bahwa individu mungkin menghabiskan lebih banyak waktu dan uang untuk berjudi secara online sebagai akibat dari dikurung di rumah mereka untuk jangka waktu yang lama tampaknya tidak berdasar. Penurunan dalam perjudian secara keseluruhan mungkin disebabkan oleh sejumlah faktor termasuk individu yang memiliki lebih sedikit uang untuk berjudi karena potensi penghasilan pekerjaan mereka telah lebih rendah selama pandemi, individu yang tidak ingin berjudi di depan anggota keluarga mereka, atau individu yang menghabiskan lebih banyak waktu untuk berjudi. kegiatan lain seperti menghabiskan “waktu berkualitas” dengan keluarga mereka atau akhirnya memiliki waktu untuk melakukan pekerjaan yang lebih besar di sekitar rumah dan taman (misalnya, mendekorasi dan memperbaiki rumah dan taman). Studi ini adalah yang pertama menyelidiki secara empiris apakah taruhan meningkat atau menurun di antara para penjudi (dalam hal ini, petaruh olahraga secara khusus) selama periode ketika banyak orang tinggal di rumah selama penguncian terkait pandemi COVID-19.

The Advantages Of Playing Online Gambling Are Profitable

0 Comments October 10, 2020

The Advantages Of Playing Online Gambling Are Profitable

Online gambling sites are places to play all kinds of gambling games with real money bets that are processed virtually or accessed online via the internet. As a real money betting gambling lover, who hasn’t tried to play online gambling or is still hesitant to try. This indeed often disturbs the minds of gambling players who play gambling only in the land-based area. Which one is afraid that money will be run away or other tricks. This will not happen as long as you select and choose the right site. With a note that you have to be good at choosing the right site before playing. You can do this by looking for information about how to choose a trusted and safe site on the internet. So choosing to play gambling online is a safe and easy choice for you.

If only you play gambling with land bookies you will still be exposed to the risk of being caught by the authorities, right. This will happen in a country where gambling is prohibited, of course. Playing online gambling will make it easier for you to play because you don’t need to go out again because you can play it anywhere and anytime. Not to mention when playing at a land dealer, players will not get bonus promos or jackpots, which means they are just waiting for profits on the winning results. Very different from online gambling sites that provide bonus promos and game prize jackpots. So choosing to play on online gambling sites is the right thing. So there is no need to hesitate anymore. If you are still thinking, we will give you another clear advantage when playing online gambling through gambling sites. Which will be more profitable for you compared to playing at a land port. Here are some of the advantages of profitable online gambling sites.

The advantages of playing online gambling are profitable

A. Unlimited Easy Access

To be able to play online gambling games directly with only one smartphone or laptop with a smooth internet quota that can access the internet network. With this tool, online gambling can be played wherever and whenever you like. Because an online gambling web has been online 24 hours a day. So there is no closing shop for online gambling sites.

B. Lots of Games with a Fun Look

Lots of Games with a Fun Look

On the gambling site there are things that can make gamblers feel at home and like playing. The thing that makes gamblers feel at home and like the web is hosting a game in which there is a sensation of excitement and fun in each game. The games organized by the gambling web are of various types, consisting of games that are played directly or live, such as casino gambling to card gambling, sports and others.

C. Many Bonuses And Jackpots

Practical indeed is one of the advantages of playing on online gambling sites. An advantage that you will get from online gambling games is a bonus and jackpot offer. Surely in live gambling games you will not find a bonus commission. Gambling agent websites do provide various kinds of bonus promotion services to bettors who want to become members and play gambling there. Starting from cashback bonuses, rollers, new members and referrals. And in some games there are big jackpots that can be achieved by every player. As a smart bettor, of course you can use this promo service to profit from online gambling games. Bonuses are something that many gambling players like, right?

D. Service Facilities

Online gambling sites provide the best service media such as presenting one customer service person who serves every obstacle to the players in a friendly manner. Experienced and professional users are tasked with resolving obstacles experienced by gamblers while playing until they are properly resolved.

E. Security & Comfort Guaranteed

Security & Comfort Guaranteed

Joining the most important gambling site is a guarantee of safety and provides comfort in playing. The online gambling site has a sophisticated security system. By keeping players’ personal data safe and avoiding the authorities. Safety and comfort are provided so that gamblers avoid unwanted things and gamblers can play in a calm manner by following the flow of the game. With guaranteed safety and comfort, players can concentrate on playing in winning.

There are many more advantages that players can feel when playing directly on online gambling at site. So playing on online gambling sites is not the wrong choice. With your advice, first, choose the right online gambling site that is officially licensed and the best.

Thing You Should Know When Choosing Gambling Site

0 Comments September 19, 2020
Thing You Should Know When Choosing Gambling Site

Online slot game games are one of the most enjoyable online gambling games. This game is very popular among gambling lovers, this is because slot game games are very profitable for players. But before starting the game, it would be nice if we know the various talks and tips for choosing a trusted online slot gambling site. You must know that there are indeed many and varied sites that you can choose from. You should really be able to know and be able to understand very well about guides that you can rely on.

Playing Online Slot Gambling is currently becoming a great way to be able to quickly multiply your capital money. If you choose to play slot gambling, then you don’t have to bother looking for tricks to play because in slot gambling what you really need is high luck so you can win lots of jackpots and profit

Because not a few gambling players are disadvantaged due to the wrong choice of sites to play slot games, because of that, before starting to play, understand how and tips for choosing a trusted online slot gambling site. Searching from the best and most trusted agent sites is sometimes difficult, easy. There are many things that can be considered and checked properly so that then you can really find the best and most trusted site. You can rely on any number of ways that make it very easy and possible for you to win.
The following below are things you need to pay attention to in choosing a Trusted Online Slot Gambling Site:

A. Offers only realistic bonuses

Now the first you can start by making sure you will not be cheated. To be sure you have to know that the site doesn’t promise unrealistic bonuses like cars or motorbikes because that will never happen. It’s just a fishing rod so you want to be a part of their members and it has nothing to do with your profits.

B. Many facilities are provided

For the next feature, you can also find out the many facilities they provide to members. For example, a more complete choice of slot machines so that you have many options to win the biggest jackpot is one way to open your chances of winning. Things like this prove that the site can meet the needs of its members.

C. There is an official license

If you find a slot bookie that has an official license, then that is the characteristic of the site that you need.Only with an official license you can trust that the site is an official online gambling site that you can certainly trust and rely on. You don’t have to worry anymore about the standards of the site. The senior gambling player always like to play here this slot game with the trusted bookie slot like example that site name betberry.

D. Standard minimum deposit to be paid

Besides that, you can also see from the side of the minimum deposit that you have to pay. The point is that you have to make sure that not a single point deviates from the standard that is common on other slot gambling sites. That way you will not be fooled or disadvantaged because you trust a site that is never even guaranteed.

E. Providing unlimited services

For example, you can see from the live chat feature they provide. Is it good to answer your difficulties? is it available 24 hours? Is it old and inaccurate? And so on that can make you hampered when you need help from the slot gambling site that you registered. Things like this are not important and have nothing to do with winning, even though things like this will show whether you can trust the site or not.

7 Of The Most Desirable Online Gambling Games In Indonesia

0 Comments July 16, 2020

7 Of The Most Desirable Online Gambling Games In IndonesiaAs we know, gambling games are games that have existed since time immemorial. Some say that this game grew and grew with Chinese civilization. In developed countries, gambling is used as a daily game for the people.

In Indonesia, which recorded legalizing gambling, the number of fans of various types of gambling also continues to grow. Especially after the existence of online gambling games.

Well, of the many online gambling agent games that can be played, there are some of the most popular in Indonesia. Some of the reasons are because some of the following gambling games offer large prizes, are easy to play and challenging to play. The following online gambling game:

1. Ball Gambling

Online soccer gambling is part of the online gambling sportbook category. This online betting game is a place where football lovers, especially soccer, can place bets in various soccer competitions in the world.

This game thrives with the growth of ball supporters in the country. Some of the most popular competitions are the English league, Spanish league, Italian league, European champions league, including the league in the country and several other major leagues.

In addition to its easy play, soccer betting also offers lucrative winning prizes. Even more interesting, many players come from various directions to play soccer gambling together. Nothing wrong if then the online soccer gambling site is always crowded with gamblers homeland.

2. Online Poker

Online Poker

This online gambling game is popular in Indonesia because it has become a daily game. A playing card consisting of 52 cards is a card that we usually encounter when there are events in the community, especially rural communities. Various types of poker games are usually played there. Although most are done without betting.

The goal of online poker is to produce the best combination. Sometimes there is the highest combination that wins and sometimes the lowest combination wins. Depending on the type of poker game that is followed. Some of the most popular types of poker such as Texas Holdem Poker, Omaha Poker, 7 Card Draw and others.

This game is much popular because it not only pits luck alone, but also collides mentally, strategy and instincts during play. Especially in the world there are a variety of poker competitions that offer very large prizes. The average big online poker agent in the country has 5 thousand online members every day.

3. Live Casino Online

Online casino is basically a casino game that can be played on gadgets online or online betting. So generally all the games in casino gambling can be played at online casinos. What we need to do before playing online casino play is to visit an online casino agent or website first then register and play.

Some types of online casinos that are widely favored in the country such as baccarat played by choosing which of the two cards owned by the player and the dealer approaching number 9. Then there is roulette which is played by guessing at what number the ball will stop in a wheel that rotated. In addition there is also Sicbo (a kind of dice game) and Dragon Tiger.

4. Slot gambling

Next there is slot gambling which until now has remained popular in casinos. This game is much in demand in the country because it is easy to play but offers a very large prize. Just keep in mind, slot gambling is also the easiest to spend money if it is not played correctly.

No need special expertise in playing this game. All it takes is a little understanding of how the game works. Players will be faced with a slot machine consisting of several reels. The player’s job is only to press the play button so that the machine scrambles the symbol and issues a certain combination. If you’re lucky, you will get a jackpot with a fantastic value.

5. Fish Hunter

Fish Hunter

In the world, online fish shooting gambling games may not be too popular. But this game is very famous in Indonesia. Games that have other names shooting fish are very easy to play.

The player’s job is just to press the shoot button and aim it at the fish to be caught. The more fish you get shot, the more prizes you get. The bigger the fish, the bigger the prize. Just keep in mind, the bullets used are coins and coins get from your money. So make sure your shots are aimed at the right target.

6. Lottery

Big Lot with the history of gambling in the country. Previously, this game was played in many people’s homes, especially during the royal period. Many people play it.

Until now, lottery is still preferred by gamblers in the country. Especially for adults. To play it you don’t need special skills. Players only need to tackle numbers that come out in accordance with market rules that are followed. There are free plugs, sharp plugs, dragon plugs, 2D plugs and so on.

7. Domino QQ

Similar to poker, domino qq is also a game that uses cards as its medium. Only those used are not playing cards, but dominoes. This game can be played by 2 to 6 people online in each round. Each player will get four cards to get the 2 best combination cards.

The Best Bets In Casino Online

0 Comments March 5, 2020

The Best Bets In Casino Online

Whether you play in Las Vegas lights or at home with coffee and casino on your computer, the games they offer are very similar. All games have advantages. this means that in the long run, the house always wins. The advantage of working at home like this – if you flip a coin, the probability seems 50%. Therefore, if you bet $ 1, you can expect to get $ 2. However, the casino will pay less, maybe $ 0.95. In this case, the house edge is 2.5%.

The house edge is the difference between real opportunities and opportunities offered by casinos. Each game will offer a variety of Paris and each bet will give a different opportunity and place. Obviously, if you want to leave the casino with more money than you are advised to keep a house in Paris that offers the lowest limit. It is possible to reach the top if you stick with the strategy, have a little luck on your side and, of course, the right choice to take Paris. Here is a list of 10 games and 10 Paris proposals offering the best chance to win.

The Best Bets In Casino Online - Casino Online

1. Poker

this is obvious. First, poker has a large element of skill where, if good, it will swing the opportunity. But most importantly, don’t play house. Poker is played against other players, not home and therefore no home advantage. They make money by taking a percentage of each round of the pot.

2. Video Poker

Video poker is a game that involves a high level of competition and, therefore, can increase your chances of practicing and learning to play correctly. Most machines provide a house edge of less than 0.5% and some home gains are even 0%. Obviously it depends on the engine check before playing.

3. Baccarat

Offers two paris with low yields, but it’s better to bet on bankers. Paris bankers offer homes a profit of only 1.06%.

Paris to give players a home benefit of 1.24%. Paris players and bankers who have never taken bets on lottery, he is known as “Paris dot” because the house edge is 14.4%

4. Craps

some good Paris offers that are worth seeing. Paris 6 or 8 is a good bet with a house edge of 1.52%. Apart 7, 6 and 8 are the most likely numbers to be rolled up.

line pass / not pass paris value is a good deal. Paris Pass online offers a home edge of 1.41% and offers not pass line betting house profits of only 1.14%. However, do not pass the bet, you bet against the shooter can not be good at the casino because you get when everyone loses.

Given – the possibility of Paris. Paris offers a zero limit at home. All of this Paris is sort of actually paid for by chance.

5. Blackjack 

If you follow the “basic strategy” for Blackjack, the house edge is reduced to less than 1%. This can vary slightly depending on the number of decks that the casino uses. The basic strategy is to base their bets on strict mathematical rules.

Card counting. First, it is important to note that the number of cards is illegal. For additional information if you want to play blackjack online with fair and free bet you can register at But I am favored by casinos and if you are not careful then you can ask or just the shuffle will start after each hand. In online casinos, cards shake after each hand so you cannot count cards online. A learning to count cards, you can really give positive results from 2% of households.

6. Pai Gow

A Pai Gow game, you can choose to act as a banker. You pay 5% commission for the house if you win (this is not the same as the house edge). You get money players can win if you have the skills to reach the top.

Many people argue that games have been improved and online casinos are scams. This makes no sense. This game is not fixed or needs improvement. Home and all casino games, always provide home benefits. You can reach and many people, but you have a little luck on your side.

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